Goal: To create "Longest Line of Irish Spring Bar Soap Installation"


Eriko is attempting to make the "Longest Line of Irish Spring Bar Soap Installation" at a TBD US/Mexico border location on TBD date once funding or product sponsorship is successfully achieved.

HELP CONTRIBUTE TO THE IRISH SPRING FUND to purchase 11,260 pieces of Irish Spring bar soaps. Each sponsor/contributors name will be etched onto side of a piece of bar soap.

Since 2001, Eriko has been an avid, purely obsessed lover and consumer of the IRISH SPRING original scent bar soap. She uses the Irish Spring bar soap religiously sometimes reaching obsessive lengths of consuming and playing with the tactile composition of the green bar soap in many experiential/experimental ways. To her, the Irish Spring original green bar soap represents the ultimate bar soap in the world with its every scent orifice derived from the heavens.

(watch) SOAP PORN performance videos:

* Mushy Soap Lick Me
* Ultimate Mushy Soap Eating Binky Play


The "Longest Line of Irish Spring Bar Soap Installation" must measure 1001 metres in length. To reach 1001 metres, Eriko will need 11260 pieces of Irish Spring bar soaps. Each bar soap measures 3.5 inches in length times 1000 pieces equals 39,410 inches or 1001.014 metres.

Installation process: Each bar soap will be unboxed from its packaging (saving packaging for reboxing later) then installation will consist of creating a trail using 1000 pieces of individual bar soaps placed on TBD border state location soil to resemble a green border/a hypothetical wall segregating one patch of space into two.

The public bar soap single-day installation project will take place at TBD location and date depending purely on ability to get product/brand sponsorship or else this project is impossible. After completion of the installation, each bar soap will be reboxed into their original packaging and donated various coalitions for the homeless throughout the US.

Professional document photography and video will be made from all stages of the project.

Help contribute to the "Longest Line of Irish Spring Bar Soap Installation" project fund through paypal to username @erdensyren@yahoo.com.

Installation Budget / Fundraiser Goal: $10,145

- Most economical wholesale retailer of Irish Spring bar soap is Costco.
- Packages of 20 Irish Spring bar soaps $14.99.
- 11260 pieces of bar soap needed divided by 20 pack = 563 packs
- 563 packs times $15 = $8445 total bar soap material cost
- Roundtrip transportation to/from installation location in rented truck estimated $1,200
- Food / gas / lodging for project $500


A semiotic commentary /pun piece / simulation art installation about and against the US / Mexico border wall construction.