Youth & Seniors Sharing Stories: Recycled Mask Project


"Youth & Seniors Sharing Stories, Recycled Mask Project" is a powerful, multi faceted art education program that seeks to facilitate, establish, cultivate pan generational connection and empathy between youth and the elderly/seniors in our community through the power of sharing stories/oral history/inter-generational dialogues -- transformed/reconfigured into mask art using recycled materials.

The project configures by pairing youth from local youth organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs of Metro Denver, Girls Inc. of Metro Denver, and The Center with senior citizens from local Senior Centers to concept, create, and complete one fully realized mask art creation together based on the shared life story of the elderly/seniors.

"Youth & Seniors Sharing Stories, Recycled Mask Project" is a humanitarian civic engagement project weaving together two ends of time spectrum through the universal language of art and narrative; masks as symbol of identity. Youth and senior pairings get to activate their creative sides to concept a mask design (reiterating oral narrative) based on a shared story from the senior followed by "team mask making workshop" using provided recycled materials. Additionally, the project employs strong "green" component, promoting recycling and environmental sustainability.

In connecting youth and seniors through story and art, the project aims to cultivate altruism/power of giving/compassion through artistic exchange, to educate/advocate recycling through creativity, to promote important dialogues about origin/identity, and to foster pan-generational bond between youth and the elderly in our community.

Project Partners:

Coming Soon.

Host Worksop Venue:

- Each "Youth & Seniors Sharing Stories, Recycled Mask Project" mask workshop will take place at specifically allocated Senior Center’s within the 11 Denver Council District areas. The partnering youth organizations and project moderator (Eriko Tsogo) will be coming to the seniors to complete the workshop due to reasons of mobility and respect.

- Completed mask artworks will be exhibited in final project exhibition at TBD venue after end of project. & Seniors Sharing Stories, Recycled Mask Project 3 (SMALLER)_v3.jpg & Seniors Sharing Stories, Recycled Mask Project 2 (SMALLER)_v3.jpg & Seniors Sharing Stories, Recycled Mask Project 1 (SMALLER).jpg