Green Mask Project is a multi-faceted eco-inspired social practice project exploring individual and collective identities through a combination of sustainable mask making methods using recycled and upcycled materials. Green Mask is designed to help promote sustainability, social equity, diversity and inclusion through art making, sharing stories, building community and collective empowerment.

The identity mask workshops seek to challenge how we perceive ourself and thereby others in relation to place and environment. The final recycled mask creations become mirrors that invite the viewer to see themselves in the sameness we share, invoking connectivity that we all share beyond social barriers. Green Mask project is a call for coexistence, for a more greener world in which individuals can unite in celebration of our distinctions and of our common humanity.

Green Mask Project with past host partners:

- The Currier Museum of Art (November 1 - December 13, 2022)
- Colorado State University (April 2022)