World Inside A Warehouse, A Graphic Novel
(Book 2, 2011 - 2013)
246 handmade pages assembled into hand bound book with hardcover, silk and suade materials used on book bind and covers.
Edition 1. (100 limited edition book release due in 2016)
Book/inside page dimensions: 11" x 17"

Overall mediums used: gel pen, mechanical pencil, masking tape, acrylic, digital drawings, gold leaf, blood, collage and oil pastel.

The world within a warehouse,
City within gates,
The theatrics of ritual,
And the vicissitudinous psychoses of emotional levers,
Portraits lost 100 friends but could save many lives.

The World Within A Warehouse consists of drawings/narrative entries based on (false?) cathartic memoirs of a self-created nervous illness and at times fictionalized variants of the ‘textual cure’. The originally wrought plan is shaped as a well-considered screenplay and by its/her paranoiac scrupulosity reminds scenarios placed into practice to get off the fundamental trauma. In other words, these visuals relay as recollections of a once socially abbreviated - performance induced lifestyle that chronicle and analyze the phenomena and life of the marginal identity/unsignified marginal woman who needed to narrate out loud to help cleanse and organize the inside (with careful considerations into the self, ego, super ego, drive, and id).

Concept and visuals were birthed with inclined derivatives to memory, erasures, personal/social data documentation and archiving, cataloging, dreams, social psychology, psychoanalysis, mysticism, spiritualism, ideology, deconstruction & feminist theory.

Note: Select pages have digital conceal marks, the complete uncensored book contents can be found in the limited edition book release due in Winter of 2016. For more information and publication updates, please contact me by email at

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