BBQ is acronymm for Bounce Back Qween
MV: made by © AnuJen.

BBQ was born from Covid into the machinations of the flesh world. She is a messenger, a medium, a symbol of bouncing back, resilience, perseverance, second chances, and redemption. She proclaims it's never too late.

Social Message: BBQ is an anti-rally against Yellowism. BBQ advocates against the recent upsurge in Asian hate crimes, it seeks to dispel the hateful rhetorics surrounding immigrants presented to us by the government and media. BBQ seeks to challenge the notions that keep and empower marginalized people in the margins.

In the sum of our struggles, sacrifices, and defiance as immigrants – home remains inside, freedom in mind and inside - the resilience of the human spirit. BBQ aims to honor the immigrant heritage undercurrent that is our America and to commemorate the AAPI community. BBQ is a call for coexistence, for an ideal world in which individuals can unite in celebration of our distinctions and of our common humanity.