Hilitehead LLC is a multi-disciplinary arts brand with a mission to nurture and host artistic practice / art as catalyst, thoughtful dialogues, socially innovative works, marginalized identity empowerment through arts and culture, artist management / curatorial services, scholars program, and civic engagement project development.

Hiliehead LLC seek to help educate, advocate, empower, spread awareness and reinforce prevention efforts for marginalized communities to address issues about immigrant rights, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, indigenous cultures and youth education to help promote diversity, inclusivity and social change through the arts and culture.

HILITEHEAD LLC mission is three versed:

- To find/engage/help artists from cultural and economic backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in the arts.

- To facilitate and engage more inclusivity and diversity in the arts through cross - sector arts exchange.

- To help address and empower marginalized communities through the arts, especially underrepresented communities such as youth, women, indigenous/ethnic, and LGBTQ communities.

Interested in collaborating? email erdensyren@yahoo.com.